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Welcome to the home of the Blacksheep Squadron



The Black Sheep Squadron is a collection of individuals who enjoy the challenge of virtual flight.
We are an older crowd where many of us are veterans, and some are professional pilots. 
We are a casual group that flys online as often as we can given real life, family, and as the dreaded jobs will permit. We coordinate our flying on Friday and Saturday nights at 10pm Eastern time - U.S.
We are currently involved with Rise of Flight, IL2: Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow, and DCS where we fly the A-10C Warthog, the P-51D Mustang, and the soon to be released Spitfire IX.


We pride ourselves in our teamwork, camraderie, and in some cases, our competitive nature. Triple Threat

We strive to work together to better ourselves as virtual pilots, some of our military and veteran members (active and retired) offer valuable training tips and examples for one to learn from.
The Black Sheep are always willing to let guests join us to fly.
We are also more than happy to participate in another squadron missions or activities.

The one goal that the Black Sheep strive to do at all times is to have FUN!



We are always looking for new members, and if you would like to join the Black Sheep.... 

Finger 4 Mustangs



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